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Our culture is who we are

Who we are

Martyn Fiddler Ltd is an independently owned corporate service provider serving clients worldwide. We have offices in the UK, Ireland and our headquarters in the Isle of Man where we have been in business for nearly 40 years.

Mark Byrne is a full-time executive Director with Martyn Fiddler's clients services team of 11, each of whom has a dedicated client portfolio. The benefits of this close knit team is not only experienced by clients; our team members benefit by forging long term client relationships.

Mark says “being an independent company, without any external shareholders has several advantages for us - it allows us to shape our own culture and environment; further, it allows us to focus on the long term goals of our business and clients, not simply short term profits.”

Our culture

At Martyn Fiddler we try to create a virtuous circle with our approach to business. Our mantra is that if we look after our employees, they will look after our clients, and our clients in turn will look after us. What this means in practice is that we treat each member of our team fairly, with respect and trust. We hire good people and give them the appropriate training, authority and tools to perform their work to a high standard. We emphasise the duel need for self reliance and team work which allows for and creates a relaxed, client focused environment.

Our team members are encouraged to solve problems, raise issues and highlight areas for their own and our improvement; this allows us to learn and grow, both as an organisation and individually. The results speak for themselves: we have long term staff retention and team changes are usually new recruits to help our business expansion.

Our culture benefits our clients: these relationships are built on trust, in depth client knowledge, technical “know how” and experience, resulting in efficiently, professional and personal client experience.

“As we are interested in developing long term relationships we are not focused on simply maximizing profit in any given year but on business longevity, sustainability and relevance. We like to get to know our clients, how best we can service them and what they might need in the future as their business and the world in general changes. We are able to do this because we are not tasked by an external shareholder with short term goals. This enables us to treat our clients fairly and with expertise.” Mark Byrne

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