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Martyn Fiddler Ltd has over 40 years of success in professional wealth and asset management

Whilst we offer multi-jurisdictional solutions, our origin is the Isle of Man. In November 2017, the Isle of Man retained its top compliance rating from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. The Isle of Man Companies Act 2006 is a stand-alone piece of legislation allowing the incorporation of a corporate vehicle designed for international business and modern administration alongside a company’s traditional attributes of shareholder and asset protection.

Our team is experienced in the management of an extensive range of assets including investments, residential and commercial property, intellectual property, trading entities and commercial loans, as well as many others. Our team is supported by our client accountants and bookkeepers, in house legal counsel and compliance officers to ensure exemplary corporate governance.

In addition, as evidenced by our ability to provide complete and flexible solutions, we have formed valuable and long-standing relationships with industry partners, including banking institutions, tax advisors, legal advisors and investment managers.

Martyn Fiddler Ltd can provide the class of trust suitable for our clients’ needs, including discretionary trusts, interest in possession trusts, purpose trusts and will trusts.

We manage assets and prosperity that have been generated by successful individuals or that have been developed over generations. We are devoted to the protection and enhancement of this wealth as guardians for the beneficiaries. 

Martyn Fiddler Ltd focuses on building a trusted relationship with our clients and is devoted to ensuring that this relationship endures.

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